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Thread: Please Help Failed State Inspection

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    About a month ago I fired up the Disco II and went to roll the window down on the driver side and all I hear is a clicking noise coming from below the glove box. Next I tried the passenger front window and same thing. Sun Roofs, and rear windows work. I have checked fuses etc. Please Tell me I'm not going to have to replace the BCU. That is like a 450.00part. From what I have tried to research, it would apprear this is the case but I'm not certain. Hoping someone else has had this happen. If the BCU is bad it there a way to bypass this? Just Yesterday I had the vehicle inspected not knowing that would fail state inspection due to windows not working. I have 15 days to fix this or I have to park it until it is fixed unless I wanna risk getting fined for faulty equipment.

    IF you place a used BCU in do you have to have it reprogrammed?
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