Got a big anti-freeze leak -- it's a "class 3" leak -- to use an old military term.

My 2001 Disco II (88K miles) has anti-freeze leaking from somewhere right above the transmission near the firewall -- nowhere near the radiator or hoses. It then drips down on to the transmission and onto my garage floor or the road. I've tried to get a mirror and even my arm up there but with no luck. I'd have to have 7 elbows on one arm to get a feel for what's going on!

Oddly, it drips more when I park on the slight upward incline in my driveway, and stops if I back it into the driveway facing downhill. On flat surfaces, it's slow, steady drip (about 1 drop every 1-2 seconds). I refill the anti-freeze weekly and carry an extra gallon at all times. I can't keep doing that forever.

Any ideas on what it may be? Any advice on how to fix it?