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Thread: 1995 LWB Wanted

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    Default 1995 LWB Wanted

    Sold my '95 LWB just under a year ago in anticipation of a move from CT to FL. Well, we're in FL and all of us want another Rover. We've been Roverless for way too long. So, I am looking for another '95 LWB.

    Those of you that know me from this board and dweb know what I did to mine to improve it before I sold it, so I'm not necessarily looking for perfect or even near perfect. (Sven got a great truck, wish I'd bought it back from him when I had the chance!)

    I live in northern Palm Beach County and work down in Boca Raton so I've got a pretty decent radius I'd travel in to check something out.

    PM or reply with what you have or know of. In the interim, the craigslist searches begin!
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    I recomend it let's you search all the c list ads in the usa...letting you pick the ones you want. Works well.

    I also saw one listed on the land rover exchange website....$6000 in connection to seller.
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    I have a 1995 LWB available. Body is in good conditon.

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    Default i have a 95 4.2 clwb rr

    i am just south of boca raton. in margate coconut creek coral springs border (441 and sample). are you still looking for the 95clwb?

    if so i would like to hear from you qand if not i would still like to touch bases.



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    Are you still looking for an 95 LWB?

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