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Thread: 2.5 Liter NA diesel Crank shaft bolt needed

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    Default 2.5 Liter NA diesel Crank shaft bolt needed

    Hi all,

    I have lost the crank shaft bolt off my 2.5 Liter NA diesel. Any idea where I might find a new one?

    Don't ask, I don't really know what happened but Im happy I got home in one piece.


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    Ha! I've done the same thing. What was you first indication that the bolt had come off (other than the unexplained "thump" you heard 15 miles back)? I bet it was that your "charge" light went on. They should really have used some sort of positive way to lock this bolt from loosening.

    Anyhow, If our hosts don't have it, Rovers Down South has them for $7 each. IIRC, there should also be a washer between the bolt and the pulley.


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    I think I might just check that while I am doing my clutch this weekend.
    67 angry hamsters

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