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    Default New here!

    Hey all just want to say hello! Heres a pic of my "new to me" 88 Defender 2.5TD.

    Anyways. I'm new to this whole thing. Bought this on a total impulse lol.

    My first question - the truck has had an issue with collecting oil in the air filter housing. I was told its minimal and could be from a number of factors. (clogged breather valve, or as serious as failed rings.).

    It runs fine and doesn't blow smoke. I ordered a new breather valve and we will start with that. I've only driven if a little but I dont think its a ton of oil getting blown into the air filter housing.

    Would it be bad to install a air/oil seperator between the intake and the breather valve? at least this way I can really see how much oil is being blown through.

    Also - as a side note - the truck came with a 2.5L NA Diesel engine as well the previous owner had but now has no use for. According to him it runs fine. If anyone is interested in this let me know, its just taking up space in my garage and I wont be dropping it into my truck even if the TD I have is shot, comes with all accessories

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    Default Xtra engine

    Welcome to Rover ownership! You're truck looks awesome, hope you enjoy it. I find it curious that you don't want your 2.5 n/a diesel as I love mine. If you really want to get rid of it I'd be interested depending on where you live. I'm in Texas and would drive a day or so for a spare engine... You might want to consider a 200/300 TDI conversion, I've been told the 200 TDI is a direct bolt in with no welding required. I just prefer the simplicity of the 2.5. Any way, welcome and I've found this forum an excellent source of information when I get stuck trying something new in the garage!

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    I've seen oil collection in the air filter caused by overfilling the crankcase. I'd make sure the level is correct, clean out the housing, and recheck. It would be nice if it was that simple (rarely is though, unfortunately) I love the color, but I'm prejudiced, I'm kinda color blind so black ends the problem of knowing what color it really is.
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    Default 2.5td

    Apart from the oil in the air filter, are there any other symptoms ?
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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all.

    I sold the engine on ebay for about 800 bucks. not much, but if I do a swap it will be a 200TDI anyways.

    I installed a new air breather cap and put in a oil/air seperator before it goes back to the air filter. We'll see how much oil collects in the seperator and if its above normal. I haven't driven it yet since the DMV had a 4 hour wait when I went to go register it (the heck with that!)

    However starting it up and driving it to get some fuel it was fine. I wish I knew more about these things so I could go through it with a fine tooth comb. I could rebuild a Mustang with my eyes closed but this is a whole new world.

    ANyways, So the seats are getting re-upholsterd, I lined the rear cargo area with some rubber matting and dressed up the wheel wells with some diamond plate. Also got new rear seats. Looks real nice if you ask me, I'll get some pics up in a bit.

    Does anyone have a good link or even know a book to buy where I can really get to understand what this truck is all about?

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    If you have an FTP i can send you all the shop manuals/service bulletins you could ever need. I have them all zipped up on a DVD.
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    That is a great looking 90. I just bought a ex-mod 110 going to pick it up next week. Intrested to here what sucess you have with the air oil seperator as my truck has the 2.5 NA in it. look forward to your pictures.
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