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Thread: Test - 2agunship

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    Smile Test - 2agunship


    Test verification - PASSED. Looks good mate, glad to have you on-board, carry-on.
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    LWT - 1968, S11A CNG Gunship
    LWT - 1968, S11A 2.25
    LWT - 1971, S11A CNG Gunship
    LWT - 1973, S111 V8
    LWT - 1982, S111 2.25
    LWT - 1983, S111 200TDi
    101 - 1976, 12V GS
    Range Rover Classic (ex-SAS) - 1992
    M40A1, 106mm Recoilless Rifle

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    twisties~Vermont tarmac rallye style


    Oh, krickey! look what I just just did, edited your post! At least all the functions are working properly. Silly me, sorry.

    Nice photo!
    Cheers, Thompson
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