A co. called Eastcoast rovers that outfits them,shows a lifted DII w/305's on 8.5''x16 simulated beadlock wheels and OME lift,it's a bit extreme for me,albeit expensive,but I'd like tires a bit more agressive and taller/wider for where I go offroading out west!.I've the nec underside armor,arb bumper/winch and all else that are helpfull when we're out there and back here in Jersey as well, just want a bit more....had 32x11.50/15's on my fj40 tlc, and currently running,gen grabbers 31/10.50r/15's on my '93 jeep wrangler,which work out ok,but my love is my '99 DII I bought new back in late '99,one of 4 rovers I've owned....and I read all the above ideas....any more ideas?