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Thread: 93 RRC LWB County FS - LOWER PRICE - Southern Vehicle

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    Default 93 RRC LWB County FS - LOWER PRICE - Southern Vehicle

    Title says the most important part of this ad! A 93 Classic that has always lived the good life in North Carolina - for those of you unaware of our winters...They're a walk in the park compared to many parts of our country. A key point is minimal frozen precipataion, which means minimal "chemicals" applied to our roads. Our winters have their good & bad - "The bad: It can be really boring for those that get a thrill driving & playing in the snow. The Good: Rust is almost a non-issue on most older vehicles, and we can wear flip flops and short sleeve shirts, like I did yesterday! -- OK - enuff Jim Cantore stories!

    On to the details of the "The Blu Rhino"...I'm the 3rd NC owner of this Classic - the 2nd owner had for about 12 years, and bought it from the LR dealer in Raleigh...the original owner traded it in on another a new RR.

    Blu is in great condition - Original Plymouth blue paint is faded & nicely patina'd...a true touch of character for a vehicle of this stature. Leather interior is in very good condition, carpet shows minimal wear. Blu has been maintained nicely and comes with a fair amount of paperwork. Mileage is 170,000'ish, and many of the "components" known to fail have been replaced - things like radiator, water pump, alternator. A summer 2011 tune-up included plugs, wires, coil, valve cover gaskets, battery, filters...Brake pads will need replaced by summer - I have pads and they'll be included with vehicle, as will a new in the box distributor purchased from Rovers North.

    The 4.2 litre purrs beautifully and will easily cruise at 80+ mph, as it was designed and built to do! Between oil changes, the level "may" drop 1/4 of a quart. The tranny, and transfer case shift and work as they should. Blu has actually been my daily driver for about the last 10 months, as my car has been on loan to a family member in need...

    In the last 7 months, I've driven Blu to Atlanta twice, Baltimore, Nashville, Myrtle Beach, as well as several other road trips within NC. I honestly don't give thought to "maybe I should drive something else". Blu participated in 6 different off-road adventures this past year, with the majority being held at Uwharrie Point - this RR Classic at the control of an experienced, over 50 yr old driver turns heads! The younger off road crowd with over sized tires and lots of mods stand with respect, and offer a "thumbs up" as the Blu Rhino purrs and manipulates rough terrain without issue - it does just as it was designed to do!!.....Now the disclaimer: Of course Blu is a RRC Classic built under a manufacturing & quality process of, "that'll do"....LOL!

    Blu has new Michelin (6 ply) radial cross terrain tires with maybe 5,000 miles on them. A/C works fine, as does many of the other options. Original radio has been replaced with aftermarket Panasonic (with aux plug). The original air suspension has been removed & converted, with a slight lift of 1.5 to 2 inches. Interior wood trim is very good, but does have some small areas in need - right beside ignition area, and around window switches. Also - the original key fob alarm/door lock/unlock still works 7 out of 10 times...but "that'll do".

    The negative - heater core went this past October, cruise doesn't work, rear passenger window switches are moody. Front windshield is electrically heated, but doesn't work (switch I think), heated seats work some time....but did mention "no rust"!

    So now you ask - "Randy..why would you even consider selling this fine example of a Classic?" the answer...."My wife told me too". I've actually just started the process of importing an older RR from Europe - so with that coming, and a recently started BMW project....something has to go as I have no room at the inn! And did I wife said something has to go.

    Seriously - Blu really is an excellent example of a classic vehicle and I honestly hate to part with it, but the time has come, and I hope he goes to a new owner that will love and respect him as I do. A side note: if you're shopping for a Classic to chop up and convert into an obnoxious ugly off road/tractor pulling carnival attraction...Don't tell me, because HELL will freeze over before you own this Classic!!

    The value of this Classic is in the eyes of the beholder - I'm asking $5,500. PROCE DROP - $3,500!! I'll also consider driving it to you personally, of course the terms of personalized delivery are a separate part of the transaction...

    Attached pictures show brush guard, which has been removed and sold.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, or request for additional information.

    I have clean NC title in hand - vehicle has clean history & no accidents.

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    I'm very interested
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    Is this still available?

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