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Thread: WANTED: Series IIa

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    Default WANTED: Series IIa

    Got a Land Rover itch that needs to be scratched.

    In the market for a Series IIa 88.

    Doesn't have to be a pristine, ground up rebuild. But something on a solid frame, driveable, or drive-able with a little love would be fine. Leads or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Reply or feel free to email

    Thanks. Ben
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    I have been thinking of selling mine.
    No rust thru let me know if your interested, I would want about $8K.
    Here's some pictures I took a few years ago.
    Looks the same, but it is now mechanically in top shape.

    The rig is in S.E. Michigan.
    I installed the Series III trans guts in the Series IIa case so it still has the Series IIa clutch.
    It does have an overdrive.
    It also has that Warn winch seen in the picture.
    New 4 core radiator.
    Electric fan (to reduce engine load on the highway)
    Electric fuel pump (on real hot days this new gas with the 10% alcohol would sometimes cause vapor lock, but not anymore.)
    New seals and gaskets thru the whole rig.
    In short almost everything mechanical is new or refreshed.

    I took it to the All Metal Dash Event a few years ago in Mass. And on the same trip we swung all the way to the top of Maine.
    And its been up to the Upper Michigan more than a few times.

    I don't drive is in the winter unless the roads are clean and dry. Like I said it is solid and I want to keep it that way.

    71 IIa 88
    01 D2

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    Thanks Steve.

    Very much along the lines of what I'm looking for. Although I'd love to land a pre-bugeye switchover, this is a strong contender.

    As you mentioned, the pictures were taken a few years ago. I'd be interested in seeing a few current pics of the state of the frame, and those dings around the bulkhead under the windows etc to see how they've stood up over the last few years. Sounds like you've been taking goo care of her though.

    Also, I wouldn't mind chatting with you a bit about the history etc, if you'd be willing to forward me your number.



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    PM'd you
    71 IIa 88
    01 D2

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