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Thread: The Birmabright Brotherhood is back!

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    Signed up. Maybe meet some of the folks on here when we do our cross country trip in 2020. See Linkinglincolns
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    I guess I'll have to rejoin. I was a member of the earlier incarnation of the BB.

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    It's been 15 or 20 years, but I remember being contacted by another member who broke down about a 2 hour drive from me near Augusta, Ga. A couple had just purchased a right hand drive 109 in South Carolina and the clutch hydraulics gave up the ghost. I spent much of the day with them, got them going, and they made it home to California. They sent me a nice fruit basket.


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    I've been puttering around the internet for all my old used Rover parts suppliers (no longer available body stuff like tubs etc ). Seems series rover salvagers are all but gone, even the old club forums from just a few years ago. Now as I continue down the search hole, I thought I would check the birmabright brotherhood list to see if I'm still on there and whamo, another one seems to be for the past. I'm only 29 and I'm way too young to feel lost in the past. Seems Instagram has ruined the picture/talk forums, anyone know the state of the brotherhood?

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