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Thread: '02 Disco II - wont scan. Shop unable to repair so far

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    Default '02 Disco II - wont scan. Shop unable to repair so far

    Hi Guys. I have been working on getting my '02 fixed up this fall before the snow falls in New England. Of course the shop gladly took care of all the easy repairs and now after a few visits they are unable to deal with the electrical diag and repairs. Tires,power steering pump,serp belt,lines,battery and a bunch of misc stuff done.

    The hang ups:
    1. headliner. Local dealer wanted $1250 for a replacement.Local shop wanted almost that much for a custom made one. It is starting to seperate in the corners and drop slighty. Would like to find a good looking fix? Suggestions?
    2. Three amigos are all lit up. Shop replaced the right front hub assembly and charged way too much.seemed like a guess with the new ABS sensor. See next item.
    3. Car wont scan through scan port. Unable to read. Sounds like water damage,faulty relay etc. Suggestions?
    4. In the morning when starting the car from cold - the wiper switch does not respond. I hear slight clicking from behind dash and then they will work in about 45 sec after driving. There is no problem with switch or wipers when the car is warm or driven throughout the day.
    5.Overhead lights do not work and the bulbs are fine.
    6.The back light insignia on some of the dash does not light up at night.Some of the buttons on the stereo and HVAC switches are dark at night. Can these bulbs be replaced or does the entire unit have to be replaced?

    So, of course I need to find a shop that is capable of these diags and repairs. Then I can have fun with some driving lights and a new offroad bumper.

    Thats it for now, if you can help - please let me know. Thanks.

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    Default Scan Port woes

    I don't sweat the small stuff (back lights, etc). I find the wiper issue amusing - mine hasn't gotten better or worse after 5 years with the car. Three amigos lit up after I replaced pads - I must have knocked some dust into sensor area.

    I used spray adhesive with a "straw" to refix the headliner in the P38.

    But the biggest issue was the scan port on the P38. The orings on the heat exchange were old - coolant leaked onto the contacts and ate them up. installed a generic port ($5 at RockAuto) - and fixed the problem I was having.

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    Where in New England? What shop? LR independent or corner guys?

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    Take a look at the headers on the pass side firewall, behind the blower motor. I had severe corrosion on three of them causing issues with my obdII port and dome lights.

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