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Thread: Power Steering Conversion - Series III RHD

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    Default Power Steering Conversion - Series III RHD

    Has anyone tried using a Discovery Series II LHD Gearbox for a power stering conversion on a series III?Name:  steering box discovery.JPG
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    Are you converting to LHD?

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    I suggest hitting up a UK wrecking yard for a used RHD P38 RR power steering box, arm & lower steering column. Either that or getting one of the hydraulic RAM style power steering conversions that are popular in Europe.

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    I have looked pretty hard for the P38 RHD and there are not that many available. What I noticed when looking was that the Discovery unit is very similar to the P38 RHD in its layout. The Box looks like it can mount to the outside frame just forward of the front axle and the Pitman Arm faces forward as needed to get back to the drag link. Is there any concerns with this unit from a reliability standpoint? They seem to be available in the US at a pretty low cost. I have a pump unit from a jeep grand cherokee that looks like it will mount quite well to my Diahatsu motor. My only real concern in the depth of the unit and will it stick below the frame when mounted. I am working on some dimensions now. I do think I will have to move my battery up to accomodate the gearbox but that shouldn't be a big deal. Thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeriAnn View Post
    Either that or getting one of the hydraulic RAM style power steering conversions that are popular in Europe.
    Available - yes. Popular - No.

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    Iíve been looking around and come across a company that offers electric power assist.
    No cutting, welding etc. It uses all the original gear, it needs switched ignition power only.
    Called EZ Power.

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