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Thread: 2.6 water pump troubles

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    Default 2.6 water pump troubles

    Hello friends,

    Recently inherited a 1973 109 with the 2.6 6cyl, and she's a real beaut. Although at this moment I am wishing I had the 4cyl because my problem would be easily solved.

    Water pump is leaking and I can't find a replacement pump anywhere, or even a rebuild kit. Anybody got any ideas????

    Any help is welcome, thanks so much,


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    I would bet a dollar that the regular old $35 water pump rebuild kit our hosts sell will work just fine.

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    The PO rebuilt the pump on mine, pretty sure he got parts from RN. Worst case check the UK shops.
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    I had an NADA six and water pumps were difficult. I dont know if the pump is the same on the euro. I used to get mine (rebulit only) from the UK. I had a spare core so I was able to rotate them. I went through two during ownership.
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