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Thread: 2 inch receiver AND the pintle hitch

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    Default 2 inch receiver AND the pintle hitch

    I wanted to share what I did for a trailer hitch that was inexpensive and also kept the pintle. I used a piece of 2 inch X 1/4 receiver tube then welded a 1/2 inch slice of 3 inch sq 1/4 inch thick across the front. Drilled a 1/2 inch hole in the bottom and a 5/8 across for the hitch pin. The 1/2inch hole has a nut welded on the outside and is for a jamb bolt to take away any hitch movement. I cut the existing pintle mount plate 2 1/2 inch sq then moved the pintle up to the upper holes, welded the receiver into place then also welded the bottom of the pintle hitch to the top of the receiver for greater strength and stability. The receiver runs forward to the front side of the rear cross member where it is welded to a piece of 2 inch 1/4 angle that runs across from frame rail to frame rail then bolted to the front of the cross member.Name:  DSC00561.JPG
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Size:  67.9 KB The pintle pin just clears the rear of the receiver when installed.
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