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    Hello to everyone,

    After totalling my 1999 Disco II last year in a BAD highway accident I am now thinking about getting another used Land Rover or maybe a used Range Rover. After countless hours of browsing the internet I have decided this would be one of the best places to get 1st hand opinions and reviews from people/pros of real experience. I have questions and hope you can help educate me.

    1. Other than a few thousand dollars more is the Range Rover a better built vehicle than the LR3 what would the advantage be, I will do highway driving and dirt roads and off road driving.

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    For clarification purposes, are you referring to the Range Rover Sport or L322 full size Range Rover?
    Zack Griswold
    Photos/Sales - 1995 300Tdi Disco 5 Speed

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    Hello Zack,
    I am referring to the " L 322 fullsize Range Rover "

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