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Thread: NEW Heavy Duty DEFENDER Rear Cross Members

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    Default NEW Heavy Duty DEFENDER Rear Cross Members

    We have just landed new Heavy Duty Rear Cross Members for DEFENDER. These are made from 3 mm thick steel for improved strength. They also feature extensions for faster installation and are hot dipped galvanized for maximum corrosion resistance. They are quite impressive, please take time to inspect. These are something I have wanted to offer for years. These will be a real improvement to our customer's Land Rover. They're tougher, easier to install and won't rust.
    PLH619110HD is for 110 all models w/ steel fuel tanks, except NAS, and features 20" extensions and galvanized. (Not NAS 110 because they lack the 2 bottom mounting spacers for the NAS step and tow bumper, however these can be easily added) Please advise your customer accordingly.
    PLH61990HD is for 90 all models except NAS and features 15" extensions and is galvanized. This one is a definite NO for NAS. For the HD NAS 90 rear crossmember w/ extensions use PLH619NAS which we will have available in August. These will replace our current PLH619G which is our std galvanized NAS rear cross member. All other HD cross members are on hand now in qty.

    Also, we now stock both types of Military rear cross members to cover the entire range of normal control Series II-III FFR, GS and Air Portable Land Rovers. m
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