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Thread: 24V/FFR sub-section

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    Default 24V/FFR sub-section

    How about adding a 24V/FFR sub-section.

    Yes, that mean 24V owners have to go to two sections, their primary vehicle and 24V section but there is commonality in 24V parts across a range of vehicles.

    It will help keep the specific 24V questions together and compact.


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    I've added a "24V / FFR" sub-forum to the Land Rover Technical area as requested.
    Cheers, Thompson
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    Thanks. I have added a first post Subject "List of sites - 24V specific information".

    Can you please make it sticky and prevent anyone else posting on the thread. There should be a setting in the forum for both.

    Sticky, will keep it at the top of the sub-forum.

    I don't want a long list of posts on the first one. I want people to PM me new sites and I can go back in and add them, keeping it a short clean list.


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