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Thread: For sale feeler. SIII 88"

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    Default For sale feeler. SIII 88"

    I can't believe I'm doing this, but a 109' 5 door came up for sale that I could swing if I sold my 88". It's what I want, fits the family and I could lose one of my other vehicles. I would only sell my truck if this 109 panned out to be a good swap for me.


    1974 SIII 88" (titled and reg'd as an 81', I still have 2 sets of data tags for 74' if you can get it titled) completely reconstructed truck, I didn't restore it and dislike that word and practice unless absolutely necessary. It is not perfect as I didn't strive for it to be, but it's, IMO, a good clean truck.

    Good clean solid frame, new outriggers all around, new rear crossmember. This is not a new frame just a pretty nice donor.
    Restored bulkhead, new footwells, a pillars and trans tunnel.
    Rebuild rear springs, new fronts. New bushings all around. New shocks.
    Rebuilt axles front and rear (not diff's) new everything.perfect swivel balls.
    All new hydraulics, brakes, master, clutch slave and master. All new lines, hoses and fittings.
    A sweet 2.25 petrol, 5 main Weber 2 barrel out of a D110. Runs tits. Smooth, starts right away.
    Clean shifting trans, no issues.
    Electric fan, belt driven fan removed.
    Painted wings, bonnet and breakfast, (I could bare to paint the doors and tub, with the hopes of finding good original replacements.. do what you will)
    New lights all around.
    Super clean original Deluxe seats. Dash isn't perfect, didn't care. Rear benches are clean, you can have the jeep bench I have for it as well.
    Tailgate and matching rear door.
    88" Hardtop, needs window felts, no headliner, roofrack
    109" pickup top, I am in the midst of finishing it (straightening the top, new seals felts and paint) if this goes quickly the top goes as is. Filler strip and rear window channel for the tilt.
    88" 3/4 tilt, needs the front hoop to fit. Brand new never fitted.
    88" full tilt, original. with full hoopset.
    16" Rims BFG mud terrain ta's 255/85.
    I'm sure I am missing much more.

    Some tidying up of the engine bay (washer bottle, overflow...I haven't finished everything)
    The door frames aren't perfect, neither are the tops, not trashed either, needs window channels.
    General fidgety stuff, grab handles, mud flaps, some body seals (windows, door frames on hoopset etc.)
    I am sure I'm missing stuff.

    I would not hesitate to go anywhere with my truck, I did all the work. I am confident in what I do and have done. I have no excuses for anything with my truck and an explanation for everything. If you want a perfect truck this is not it. My goal was to put together a really nice normal daily driver. It is clean. It needs small finishing touches, the stuff I plan and do pick at on my free time.

    Like I said I will not sell if the 109 isn't what works for me and the sale would be pending my approval and a deal struck for the 109. This is a really nice running/driving truck I feel is priced accordingly.

    $10,500 firm in MA.

    Delivery (open trailer) is an option within reason for gas and tolls.

    More pictures to come, there are some in my other threads too. Email me for more info or pics.

    Link to what I started with and some progress.
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    Still for sale?

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