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Thread: Land Rover Exchange ???

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    Default Land Rover Exchange ???

    Any one know what happened to LRX? Did they not pay the annual fee for the url/domain?

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    It would sure seem that way

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    Quote Originally Posted by ron thompson View Post
    Any one know what happened to LRX? Did they not pay the annual fee for the url/domain?
    It's more likely they received a seize and desist threat from LRNA

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    I ran a "Who is" search on the URL. LRX is now owned by Jaguar Land Rover and has a UK address. The company is making it really hard on enthusiasts and companies that support them.

    The good new is that they have not targeted non commercial Land Rover web sites. It would cost them a 25 year old D110 3 door rebuilt to new spec plus a td5 drive train in boxes to buy my web site.

    I did retain joint copyright to the old British Pacific web site and have it on my computer. I could let that one go for a little cheaper. But it comes without the URL.

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    Teriann, thanks for the reply. I wonder if they will turn it into a "pay for listing" site like Hemmings or some of the others. I remember speaking to Mike at East Coast Rover about two years ago and LR made him change the name of his company to ECR. About a year ago they started following my little club and blog

    I wonder when I'll get a letter from corporate. By the way I believe I have some of your photos on my blog. If I do I hope you don't mind me showing them. I can take them down if need be. Ron

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