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Thread: Ex-MoD info -->>-- is there a source ?

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    Default Ex-MoD info -->>-- is there a source ?

    I'm trying to purchase a LHD 109 or 110, and given the cheaper prices I'm looking at a number of stateside ex-mod Rovers. Is there a web source or book of details that can that can help me bone up on the ex-MoD specs and differences between the civvy Rovers ? As always, newbie help is appreciated.

    Do all the 1980s ex-mod 109s have 24v electrics ? What's the approx cost for 12v conversion ?

    When an advert states it was reconditioned by the uk military prior to disposal, why would this have been done ? Why recondition and then sell them off at auction ?

    Most have Salisbury rears. Are the front axles also stronger and heavier duty than civvy models of the same year ?

    Is there anything particularly with ex-mod Rovers to be watchful of ? (from reading and looking, I think I now have a decent checklist for integrity of civvy models).

    I don't mind the cosmetic differences, it's the drivetrain and electrics that I'm trying to get a handle on. Cheers

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    Welcome to the Forum !
    MOD veh's are either G.S. (General Service) 12v or F.F.R. (Fitted for Radio) 24v.
    The wiring and peripherals (starter/wiper motor/ignition system) is the biggest difference. Most of the 109's have heavy duty suspension, extra thick leaves, longer shackles, longer spring mounts on the chassis.
    The MOD's mostly have a 6 position light switch, instead of the civvy rocker/lever switch and thus the wiring is somewhat unique.
    Body wise the panel work/seats are inter changeable.

    Hope this clears the water, not muddies it !
    Les Parker
    Tech. Support and Parts Specialist
    Rovers North Inc.

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    Thank you Les, I appreciate the GS and FFR definitions, ive seen them quoted and was left to guess their definition, I didn't guess correctly.

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