Our new seat belt range RSB001 through RSB007 are now on hand for Defender. These are DOT approved for NAS and ROW spec 90, 110 and 130 Defenders. Please view on our site for complete descriptions.

We have gone though the full testing and certification process to comply w/ all FMVSStandards to cover models newer than 1968 so everyone selling, installing or using these seat belts will be in total compliance w/ all applicable Federal and local requirements. This will be of particular benefit to our Exmoor Trim Fitting Centers and customers fitting new seats and belts in early Defenders. Customers can upgrade to the latest Exmoor Trim Defender seats, including Forward Facing rear seats, with full confidence of improving occupant safety. It also gives late model Defender owners a cost effective alternative to Genuine seat belts.

We will still continue selling our Securon seat belt line, as these comply for earlier Series vehicles as well as our Genuine Defender belts for customers wanting only Genuine. The new RSB seat belt line is price positioned between the two and is applicable to a wide range of models from early Series up to the latest Puma Defender.
This gives us the most comprehensive line of seat belts for Series and Land Rover Defender in North America.

Please study our applications and be prepared for a hands on sales brief next week. thanks, m