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Thread: Defender 90 Rear Suspension

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    Default Defender 90 Rear Suspension

    I have a question about my 95 NAS SW D90. I have OME 3" lift and dislocation cones in the rear and I don't necessarly like the set-up. I was wheeling this weekend and the right rear actually disarticulated so far that the cone didn't function properly and I had to use my hi lift to put it back into place and then the bottom spring retainer actually bend and the entire spring came out and I had to put it back in on the trail and it bend the right rear OME shock. Its really really loud and sounds horrible when they come out and back in. Other then putting in limiting straps do you guys know of any other rear suspension set up I could use or build that isn't so untrustworthing and/or noisy. I can't find any on the market??????
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    Did you huck off a 50 foot cliff in Utah, Bender? That will usually do it...
    Just kidding.
    The best setup is to have retained rear springs, use a few large sized cable clamps, The kind you us to join or loop heavy gauge steel cable.
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