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Thread: wheels for a canadian landrover

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    Default wheels for a canadian landrover

    recently purchased a 1966 basket case has a nissan engine have it running redoing the brakes and clutch, upho;stery etc have all the electrical working it has 15" wheels on it most posts i see are 16" wheels what is the correct size? and what is the correct size of tire to be on the rim?

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    Default wheels for a canadian landrover

    For a brief time period Land Rover specified 15 inch wheels on its North American exports. Apparently 16 inch tires were almost unavailable
    So your rims are likely original.

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    Like these Canadian wheels?

    Most people opt for the 16" rim with a 235/85/16 tire. 15" rims will work fine and often times you can find cheaper rubber for a 15" tire.
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