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Thread: 1963 Safari Rover IIA Wagon For Sale

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    Default 1963 Safari Rover IIA Wagon For Sale

    I have a Rover Safari wagon, bench seats in the back, seat belts and overdrive, about 65K mil. worn out from the beach, but still in good shape. Has some rust, around the spare, some on frame, but otherwise okay. Has been in the Southeast last 25 years and no snow. Needs a carbeurator and brake cylinder. This is the kind with the spare tire on the hood, like the Hatari movie. Not many around which is why I cannot get parts easily, esp in Florida.

    It needs work, has plates, but is not road worthy (no brakes). I am beyond working on it with health problems.

    I would like to find it a good home. I am in Central Florida, and am realistic. For sale $3900 cash. Pickup in Florida.

    Let me know if interested in a project, and your price range, and I will send you some photos.

    Bernie Hydock 203-206-7447
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