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Thread: Missfire codes 301 307 1300

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    Default Missfire codes 301 307 1300

    Good morning well here is what i have so far coils are good new a while back new wires and plugs have checked ohm impedance at injectors all 15 have done a leakdown check cyl 1-3-7 at 5% cyl 3 at 16-17 have checked inlet manifold bolts none loose plugs are a bit black and showed black after a brief run no evidence of a/f in the oil clean and no smoke in the exhaust no overheating cyl 5 did blow into crankcase no sound at inlet or exhaust upper manifold is off at this point as rocker box gaskets were leaking thanks everyone in advance for any replys

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    I would double check the coils, I bet something is wrong there.

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    I'm having trouble making heads or tails of this info. Do you mean; p0301 (#1 cyl. misfire), p0307 (#7 cyl. misfire), p0300 (multiple random misfires). Sounds like something dealing with the coil packs: wiring problem on the coil packs, high tension lead problems, cross firing on the high tension leads (plug wires).

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