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Thread: Overland Expo feedback

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    Default Overland Expo feedback

    I just wanted to provide a little feedback about sending Jeffery Aronson out to overland expo.

    He was a brilliant choice with his helpful enthusiasm. He seemed to be everywhere with a smile and a good word for all.

    When a new owner of a six cylinder Dormobile came limping in he was the first to pop the bonnet and start trouble shooting the engine. He quickly found a bad spark plug wire and that the points were too close together. The new owner had a new set of spark plug wires so the engine was quickly cured. Jeffery created a new RN customer on the spot who probably made his first RN parts order when he got home.

    Jeffery's knowledge and enthusiasm made him the perfect RN ambassador. We enjoyed his company and were impressed by his willingness to jump in and get his hands dirty when someone was in trouble. And please let Jeffery know that the Dormobile made it home to the Denver area 3 hours faster with all six cylinders working.

    Thanks guys

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    Well done, Jeff !
    Glad all made it home safe and sound, with some having a swifter return than the outward trip.
    Duly let Jeff known his presence was greatly appreciated, looking forward to the stellar article, in a future copy of the Rovers Magazine
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    Default Thank You!

    Teriann, I'm blushing . Thanks for the complimentary remarks AND for the help and guidance on the scene. Overland Expo was made even more fun by the presence of your Dormobile with your dog, and the Dormobiles of Shaun Grauer and Ian Kelly. Three striped awnings in one locale - what a sight!

    Jeff Aronson
    Vinalhaven, ME 04863
    '66 Series II-A SW 88"
    '66 Series II-A HT 88"
    '80 Triumph TR-7 Spider
    '80 Triumph Spitfire
    '66 Corvair Monza Coupe

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