Drove one last week that had only about 40km on the clock, engine and 6 speed tranny seem very very nice. BUT the redesign dash is ugly as hell and leaves much less space for tall drivers and specially passengers in the front. I have no idea why all this plastic junk suddenly had to be in the truck. I hope ford sell LR soon ! The shift lever has a very different fell and reminds me more of the Freightliner Van or Iveco Delivery truck. The BULGE in the bonnet due to the raised engine mounting is about the most disturbing modification I have seen.... Subaru look bonnet for short. The extra LARGE LAND ROVER logo on the Subaru bonnet is also something beyond ugly.
The 2nd row seats in the 110 5 door has improved very much and is almost comfortable, the rear forward facing seats are ok for kids but basicly take up most of the cargo area even folded up.
Overall..... too much shiny plastic !