Well, it's been several years since I sold my Defender, and I think it might be time to get another Rover. I say "might" because I'm still on the fence about it because it would mean selling a pretty awesome truck to do it. So, I figured I'd only consider the exact truck that I'd want....'04 Disco 2, white, black interior (but would consider other colors as well). Excellent maintenance, no "3 amigos," clean chassis and body. A good, solid truck that would be a part time daily driver, part time toy. Something that I wouldn't worry about breaking down several hundred miles away from home.

I know there are a couple on autotrader, etc, but I want to buy it from a Rover person, at a reasonable price, and not have to fight with some used car salesman who thinks it's worth 5 times what it actually is.

OK, I'm ready, let the offers fly in! Hahaha, just kidding...I know I'm looking for a needle in a haystack. But I think that's what it'll take for me to part with my current truck. I get very attached to my cars....I owned my Defender for 17 years and almost cried when it left.....I'm cursed by sentimental value :-)


-George :-)