I will be launching my new overland travel how-to book at Overland Expo East at the end of next week.

The book is titled "The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada. A Resource for Independent Travel and Camping"

This is a how-to book covering extended overland travel throughout the United States and Canada. The book presents options based upon the reader's individual circumstances such as where they intend to travel, how many will be in the vehicle, preferred camping style, experience and comfort levels. Why you might make one choice over another based on these criteria. Throughout the book traveling in harmony with nature in a leave no trace behind style is emphasized.

The book is divided into three Sections:
Getting started
Gearing up for extended travel
Going out on the trail

I will be signing copies at Overland Expo East. I will also be teaching a couple classes. Well, teaching one and doing show and tell in the other. I have two sessions where I discuss setting up a vehicle for long duration overland travel and one in the show and tell "My perfect overlanding truck". My 1960 Land Rover Dormobile will also be parked in the featured vehicles area in case anyone wants to check it out.

When I'm not setting up and teaching the classes, or giving my dog a tree break, I will be in the author's tent signing and hopefully selling books. I'm bringing 200 copies with me.

The book is paperback, 358 pages, and in color. It represents two years of almost daily writing and editing (I'm a slow writer). The retail cost is $64.95. Did I mention that colour printing at least doubles the printing cost of a book?

- 200 Signed copies will be available at Overland Expo East, and from now on I will try to keep a few copies in my truck for any back of truck sales.

- Starting about a week after the expo, books will be available through Amazon worldwide.

- When I get home from the expo I will add a PayPal "buy it now button" to the book's web site: http://overlandtravel.us
These will be signed copies.

- The book will not be available through bookstore channels. At the current book price I would have to pay the distributor $4 for each book sold. I'm trying to keep the cost as low as I can and still have some money to put in the truck's fuel tank. As it is I won't be making much money from Amazon sales but it is a way to make books readily available to people outside North America.

I hope to meet new friends at the Expo and renew friendships for my previous travels out East.