Iíve been looking for the last six months and came close on two very nice vehicles. Lost out in a bidding war on a very original 1961 Series II in Houston and just missed out on a very nicely restored 1964 Series IIa listed here.

I understand that my narrow search criteria limit my options, but experience has taught me to be patient and I realize I'm looking for a hen's tooth:

  • Land Rover Series II, IIa or III 109
  • LHD
  • 5 Door
  • Prefer gas with overdrive
  • Prefer Limestone or Bronze Green
  • Driver condition or better (not looking for a project at this time)

While Iím new to Land Rovers, not new to vintage cars having wrenched my way through part of the British sports car food chain owning GT6, TR6 and MGA.

PM me if you know of or have a 109 for sale. Willing to offer finder's fee for helping connect me to the right vehicle.