I am back into another Rover. I had a 68 2a that I sold off in 2003. And i pretty much regretted it.

I had a buddy in my old home town tag me on a photo, and I knew exacty what it was. And I knew i needed more info about it.
He found out it was for sale and the price was something i had to jump at.

And Now i am the owner if of a 1954 Series 1 Rover 86"

I am waiting for my buddy to grab the top for it this weekend, then i can find an outfit to ship it up to me.
It does need work, not scared of that. I think I am scared that it looks like it is fairly rare in the states, so finding parts might be a challenge.

No i am just impatiently waiting to get it home and clean it up.

Glad to be on the forum!!!