Hi all,

I own a 1966 series IIa dormobile that I purchased nearly 6 years ago while in college. The vehicle is in need of complete restoration due to extensive corrosion and rust. Since purchasing the vehicle I have collected various new old stock parts and had the opportunity to make a trip to Vermont and purchase a bulkhead jig made by Colby at Tin Shack Rovers. The vehicle it self except for some disassembly remains original with documentation and original telegrams from when it was purchased. I am in search for a rust/corrosion free donor vehicle to help with the restoration with emphasis on keeping as much original pieces as possible but replacing as needed with genuine parts from the donor.

I am in search of a Series IIa 109 station wagon 4 cyclinder petrol LHD. The condition I am looking for is a complete or nearly complete vehcile with minimal to no rust or corrosion, a solid frame and bulkhead. A running and driving vehicle would be a added bonus but not required. My main interest is to find a rust or corrosion free vehicle. I am located in Wisconsin but willing to travel.

Thank you all for your time and if you have a potential vehicle or know of someone who might please let me know.