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Thread: Close match to original Goodyear Hi Miler tires.

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    Default Close match to original Goodyear Hi Miler tires.

    Hi all,

    In my never ending search for accuracy, I'm looking for a tire that matches the original Goodyear Hi Miler tire that was originally fitted to late IIA and III cars. As you know the factory fitted the US bound NADA cars with 15" 7.00 or 7.10 tire, almost always Goodyear Hi Milers. Unfortunately, the only current Hi Miler that looks even remotely similar to the original is no longer sold in the US (model Hi Miler CT162). There's another foreign brand of tire CEAT HT80 that's an exact copy the original Hi Miler, it too is only sold outside the US.

    So I'm a bit stuck, has anyone found something that matches the original? I've included some photos for reference...

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Name:	1C4CBF7A-2A7C-4106-AB26-8FD6C901791E.jpg 
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ID:	12388Goodyear Hi Miler CT162, doesn't match exactly but does say Good Year and Hi Miler so that's something.

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ID:	12389 CEAT HT80, matches the tread pattern and size exactly but no go in the US.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Evernote Snapshot 20170810 205324.jpg 
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ID:	12390 Original tires for reference, the Hi Miler is the middle tire. hard to say it that's a 16" or 15" in the picture but from what I can tell the tread doesn't change.

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    I have looked at them but haven't seen a set of 700-15 up close. What do you think of them? Some photos I've seen look close but it appears that the only matching pattern is only sold in the 650-16 size, that would work for a U.K. original car but not a NADA original car.

    I'd love your thoughts,

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    Eldorado Power king super traction 2 look to have the same tread. I've found a few places that list them as available in 7 15.

    At that price it might be worth getting one to see. Looks the same as the hi miler xtra grip, not the original hi miler.

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