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Thread: 1974 land rover series 3

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    Default 1974 land rover series 3

    Dear all,

    am buying land rover 1974 which is located in NY. From a car dealership

    In the pictures it looks perfect..

    i loved it and before i buy it i want to check how good its restored, its quality and everything.

    Could someone advise me where to go ? Somewhere near NY or in NY.

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    Looks OK, do you have some more details on it's history and what's been done to it recently?
    Les Parker
    Tech. Support and Parts Specialist
    Rovers North Inc.

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    Thank for your reply.

    I did an inspection to the car and the results were very bad. So I didn't make the deal. The restoration was so so bad.

    Now I found one restored by ( Lanny clark ) and one restored by ( north america overland ). I don't know about them a lot.

    If anyone knows, please let me know ..

    From who i buy so i can have a land rover which will last for a lifetime

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    Any rigs restored by Lanny or North American Overland will be quality jobs.

    What did the inspection report reveal on the one you were looking at?

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