Hello all,

I have a '70 SIIA 88" that has been my nearly daily driver for 20 years. Rebuilt 2.25 engine with 8:1 compression and some other nice features; runs strong and well, great truck. It rarely if ever seems underpowered and--importantly--it has an overdrive that makes it possible to go on the highway. It cruises comfortably at 55-60, pretty happily at 65, and under duress at 70 mph.

I'm considering a '69 sIIA 109" with the less common stock straight 6, coupled with a 4 speed. The truck is far away from me so I cannot test drive it.

I've never driven the 6 cyl version, so I have some questions for those with more experience: How does the usability of the 6 cyl with 4 speed compare to the 4 cyl with overdrive? How does the in-town and off-road power stack up?

I love the versatility of my current 4 speed with overdrive; I don't hesitate to take it on the highway, often for long rides. I don't go fast (usually about 60 mph) but the truck is all about not being in a hurry. In the end, I don't want to "upgrade" to the 6 cyl with 4 speed and be worse off than I am.

Any thoughts and input are much appreciated. Thanks.