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Thread: Help! New 300 Tdi P Gasket leaking

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    Default Help! New 300 Tdi P Gasket leaking


    I would like ask for some suggestion and experience. I just recently replaced the P Gasket on my 300 Tdi. It was an ordeal getting the water pump casing off the block since a bolt snapped and the rest was frozen in the old casing. I had to cut the bolt which them ruined the P gasket mating surface. I then ordered a used casing and put everything back together with a new metal gasket without any grease or sealant. I noticed it was seeping with the engine off. I tried tightening the three bolts but unfortunately it did not seem to work and it still seeps.

    I have been reading that sometimes old water pump casings will warp causing new gaskets to leak repeatedly when replaced. When I replaced it I cleaned up both services very well and did notice a small amount of corrosion on the aluminum but it did not seem enough to cause a problem. Possibly I was wrong? or do folks think it might be warpage? Has anyone had this same issue and solved it by getting a new casing?

    Thank you, I appreciate the help!

    Daniel Dubie

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    Hard to see this at long range.. But, I would first try to lightly coat the gasket with Gray RTV automotive sealer and also put thread sealer on all bolts. The Gray sealer might take up the imperfections in the casting, and the thread sealer would help prevent future problems with the bolts galvanic welding due to dissimilar metals and thus galling in place and later breaking off. A way to check if there is warpage in the casting is to set it on a glass plate, such as window glass, and try to rock it back and forth. Since this type of glass is dead flat it will show imperfections in the surface. If it does appear to be warped you can use the same glass covered with light sand paper and move the casting over it (lightly spraying with WD-40 or similar) until it is evenly shined up on both sides. Then recheck for flatness. If all else fails, a new one would be the best way out.

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    For some reason I *thought* that the Rover workshop manual called for coating both sides of the P-gasket with some hylomar universal blue before install. I did this years ago when I had to do my prior 300, never leaked after install.
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