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Thread: LT76 Gearbox Rebuild or Replace?

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    Default LT76 Gearbox Rebuild or Replace?


    Well, the transmission and diffs were about the only part of my SIII 109” that I haven’t had to rehab/replace, but the grinding in the front diff when going over bumps has been impossible to ignore recently.

    Are there any good sources of used gearboxes in the states, or any trusted resources who can rebuild my unit?
    '75 SIII 109 Diesel - I'm in deep.

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    I would suppose the number of views but lack of posts confirms my suspicion that you have to go across the pond to get a rebuilt LT76 without selling the farm, with no disrespect to our hosts who likely have a quality rebuilt unit available.
    '75 SIII 109 Diesel - I'm in deep.

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    And I now see I posted this in the wrong place....

    '75 SIII 109 Diesel - I'm in deep.

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