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    I'm currently restoring a Serie IIA 1964. I'm at the engine step and now I have the engine in parts. I would like to do paint job on the engine and I need some advice from people having experience.

    1 - What is the best : painting pieces separately (Block, head, timing chain cover ) when they are separated or waiting to put all together and paint in single step

    2 - The engine is currently really dirty with oil and sand. It is clear that it need a real good cleaning before painting. Do I need to do sandblast or just good cleaning with solvent maybe good

    3 - This engine was originally green. Is someone has original color code for this paint?

    4 - Is someone has advice on paint to use or not to use.

    Thank you

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    Here's a recent thread on engine paint:

    I took my block to a machine shop to have work done on the bores and cam bearings installed. They soaked the block in a vat so it was ready for painting when I got it back. Ditto for the head. The other parts I just cleaned myself with kerosene, brake parts cleaner, steam cleaner, etc. depending on what I was working on. I painted most everything separately before reassembly.

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    NAPA de-grease can cleaner works great, spay on, scrub in needed rinse off. 2c

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