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Thread: Suspicious BAT auction

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    Default Suspicious BAT auction

    Been a while since I've been on here but I still lurk now and then. I like to watch the various auctions on Bringatrailer and saw this one today for a 63 IIA. I looked at it for a minute and I grew suspicious when I saw reference to south america and florida sales. I've seen other Florida "restorations" that amounted to lots of bling and in the end a dressed up pig worth a tenth of what some poor schmoe ended up paying for it.

    This one:

    Looks really nice at first glance but then starts looking suspect when you really look. Things like it seems to have really nice body...but then why did every single thing get the carburetor...the intake...the entire exhaust system etc. If you look closely at the exhaust you can see its covered in corrosion thats painted silver . The springs are painted black but you can see rust in the corners so they clearly were just old springs. The chassis has a lot of pitting thats of course coated in a thick layer of black paint. Some areas look dented and maybe coated holes too.

    I'm not bidding on the thing...but am I right in that this seems very likely to be a scam truck...dressed up to look like a diamond but really a turd.

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    Are those bias ply trailer tires???

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