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Thread: Slight miss - 2.25 Series 3

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    Default Slight miss - 2.25 Series 3

    Hey all,
    Brought the Rover in for a tune up after a .... long.. break from her. I’ve replaced the following with new parts;

    Carb and filter
    condensor ( 1st new one was bad.. that was fun figuring out )
    rotor button and cap
    fuel pump
    spin on oil filter conversion

    I also adjusted the valves to the recommended .010 (cold, however I’m told it’s best hot)

    She runs great however every 3 seconds it putts from the exhaust and at high RPM you can still hear that putt. It’s almost like it has a bit of a miss. I’ve rechecked the points and plugs and am confident I’ve tried every degree on the disty but this silly annoyance won’t go away. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated !


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    Sometimes if the distributor wires are touching each other, they can bridge and cause this.
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