I have a problem with my '74 Series III "88" brakes that i am unable to correct at present. I had known this Rover for years and when i got it about five month ago it had received a body off frame make over but sit for four years not used. It had new brake system installed during this work. I replaced all rubber lines and just a week ago replaced the master cylinder. This is a dual braking system with servo. It did not have the brake failure valve but had rather what appears to be original block on right frame side just aft of bulkhead to divide the front system. The rear is a direct like from master cylinder to rear brakes. Now here is problem.......The lines from master cylinder are rear,closest to servo supply front brakes. The front port out of master is going to rear. I have studied this issue and find some run this line setup while others say "rear to rear", "front to front" NO matter which way i cant get the rear brakes to hold without a second or third pump on pedal. Fronts are alright with first pump. Another strange thing is i cannot get one drop of fluid out of rear when trying to pressure bleed them. They will bleed OK with the pump up and open bleeder valve method with pure stream of fluid coming out. Adjusters are working perfect and adjusted as should be. I am about to try to reroute brake lines near my divider block on frame and try but this is going to be so hard to make work. Wanted to try one shot here before this so here is questions.

1. Is it set in stone that the master on this system must be "Front to front" and "Rear to rear" ?
2. Why will rear not respond to a pressure bleeding action with best bleeder Mac Tools sells?
3. Am going to have to reroute lines and try start over?

Remember all parts of system are new including all lines and rubber lines. Thanks for any help or advise on this and also this is my number six series Rover so i understand about trouble but this one is about to get me. Thanks.