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Thread: Rotating clunk coming from parking brake drum?

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    Default Rotating clunk coming from parking brake drum?

    So I have a series 2a with a rotating clunk like a u-joint is crapping out but no vibration at speed and no visible play in the u-joint itself.

    It can be felt and heard (loudly sometimes) when slowing to a stop in neutral. talking about 1-3 mph. I can feel the clunk in the hand brake lever. when I gently pull the lever, the noise goes away.

    Is there something in the parking brake mechanism that could be flopping around? what sort of maintenance should I do if I wind up pulling the drive shaft to inspect what's going on there? has anyone else had this issue?

    I'm new to this thing and want to get it all set up just right. Thanks for any help y'all can provide

    Atlanta GA

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    Sure sounds like "U" joint clunk. No surprises in hand brake since you will have drive shaft out anyway.

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    My 1960 series II has worn splines in the rear axle drive hubs and probably a bit of play in the rear differential too. It makes quite a clunk throughout the entire drive train when going from accelerating to slowing down. To find out if this is the problem jack up one rear wheel and rotate it while lightly holding the drive shaft. A little back and forth movement will show you if this is where the problem lies.

    Boothbay Maine

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