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Thread: IIA Alternator Conversion - Autosparks harness

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    Default IIA Alternator Conversion - Autosparks harness

    Greetings all. I am in the midst of a bulkhead swap on my 71IIA. It has the RN alternator conversion 75 amp alternator (is this a bosch or delco unit?), and I have a new autosparks harness with alternator wiring. However, the alternator has 2 wires on posts (looks like there is an area for a plug as well) and the harness has a plug (a 16 ACR plug) with 3 wires on it. I feel like I have used up my googe-fu trying to find diagram for this 75 amp alternator, and would appreciate any guidance. I did not retain any of the documentation that came with it, of course, as that would have been very helpful to have right about now.

    David Stephens

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    Update, think I figured it out. I guess this is a Lucas a127 alternator, and here's a diagram

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    I used an Autosparks harness on my ex-mod restoration 2a. Delco 75 amp alternator, 12,000 miles later, no issues. Everything works just fine. Watch and clean grounding wire and straps at battery, and other places.

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