I'm looking to reconnect with this 67 109 w/ British 6 cyl. Originally purchased by UK diplomat for use in America (LHD).
Sold to Stanford Univ. about '71 for use on a Biology Dept. expedition. Expedition did not materialize and I purchased it in '73.
My new bride and I traveled in it for about 6 months throughout all of Mexico. I kept it as a daily driver for about 10 years and sold it in '83.
Buyer was Mark Harmon of CSI fame and he kept it for 2-3 years and then I saw it in an ad on Auto Trader.
Don't know where it went from there. Anyone seen it? I lost the VIN but the blue license plated from California were 883AWH. There were also the original British plates VXC 980F on the front jerry cans and rear quarter panels. There were also CD plates but the were stolen off the vehicle while I had it.
The interior is the deluxe black buckets (3) in front but the rhino skin on back seats and rear jump seats. It had warn hubs, fog light behind front grille and inside rear passenger side corner window for backing down the long trails that precluded foreward progress and to get back at those flashing their brights an the slower moving LR. Fuel pump under passenger front seat had a kill switch to discourage people from driving off in it. In shelf in front of passenger I fabricated an aluminum door for locked storage. It had a tropical roof, 3/4 length galvanized roof rack by a British company whose name I long forgot. There were spares on the hood and also the rear door. It was well outfitted. The 6 cylinder may have been it's week point, I waited for month on parts. It was serviced in Pasadena by the inimitable Hugh Stewart at British Pacific.

If anyone know about this vehicle I'd like to know it's history after my contact with it and maybe see it again.