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Thread: Testing Coils- need a tutorial

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    Default Testing Coils- need a tutorial

    Gents, I'm chasing a bothersome hard start issue when hot.

    I just put on a Weber
    Rovers North Distributor
    Spark Plug change
    Rovers North coil

    I 'think' it's the coil, but it's unlikely RN sent me a bad coil. Issue is I have two old OEM coils I got with the truck, and I'd like to figure out if they're good or not.

    Could anyone give me a hand on showing/telling me HOW to test them. I've seen something with OHMS over 6k?
    And To Be Honest, I'm not sure what setting to use on my multimeter.

    Thanks Team!

    (So first question, where should the dial and wires be on my voltmeter?)
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    You’ll find this video helpful:
    '66 IIa 88

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    Thixon- Thanks.
    That video and this one mad the difference:

    Now, two old coil I have tested way out. But a newer one I had tested 'just barely out'. Is it a firm hard value?
    .5-2 OHM and it tested at 2.6

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