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Thread: Hard Starting when HOT only. Some Help please....

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    Default Hard Starting when HOT only. Some Help please....

    I need some help. My 73 Series 3 88" is a beast- go anywhere anytime. Lately IT has had a hard time starting after warming up.
    I'll drive 20-30 minutes no problem. Park the Rover and turn off- I'll test it and try it immediatley and it fires up.
    However, go into Home Depot for 30 minutes and then it's super hard to fire up again. Starting fluid does NOT help when this happens.
    It cranks and cranks- then stops. It has never left me stranded, but it will take up to 30 minutes to start again.

    Here's the baseline of what I've done to try and cure this:
    New Spark Plugs
    New Plug Wires
    New ProLine Distributor
    New ProLine Coil
    Brand new Weber Carb
    New fuel Filter
    New battery
    Check/Clean connection from Ground to Starter
    Adjusted Valves

    Rover has 61k original miles, I believe its a converted non-lead gas head. Runs well when started, hits 70mph on a sloping downhill with a tail wind.

    Here's what I get: It'll crank like this for 20 times in a row if you let it.....

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    Sounds like vapor lock to me.

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    Yeh if it was running, then quits, then runs again you can eliminate everything except fuel delivery. I don't see anything about testing the fuel pump. Have you done that? Have you tried insulating or rerouting the fuel hose so that it doesn't get too warm?

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    No I've not tried any of that.

    I do have a spare Pro Line Fuel Pump assembly I keep handy.
    Suggest I put it in?
    OR re route the fuel hose?

    It's the old hose and it goes right over the thermostat housing. And comes from across by the distributor.

    How does a fellow go about chasing/diagnosing Vapor Lock?
    When this happens I'll run to the back and open the fuel filler cap, doesn't make a hint of difference.

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    It happened to me a lot here in Texas. I drive for a bit, it gets hot, I stop to run into a store. I go to leave 15-30mins later and it might start for a minute then die. And stay dead until it cools down. Heck, I used to get so that I parked with the radiator pointing into the wind to help cool it off.

    There are a couple of solutions.

    The complicated way is to install an electric fuel pump in place of the mechanical.

    The easier way (that I took) is to buy an insulation sleeve for the fuel line like THIS ONE. I put it on in the spring and have had no issues all summer.

    Also, my fuel line is routed just like yours.

    Hope that helps.

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    HUGE HELP! Thanks 80Sailor.
    If this is all it takes, I'm going to kick myself for not posting this up like, oohhhh a year ago!
    I also have a fresh coil coming from our Forum Hosts as well to try that as well.
    Excited to get the old girl going

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