I call it that because it was made by Grayson Wolf just before he put my Land Rover on the transport truck. Grayson found my truck (while it was being restored) and held my hand through the year-long process.

The first 7 minutes of this almost 11 minute video is a tour of the instrument panel and the engine but if you stick around for the final four minutes you see the truck on the road and pulling a hill not unlike the one leading to our house.

For reasons I won’t bore you with we made the decision to put a rebuilt 300Tdi 2.5 liter engine in my truck (from a 1994 European Discovery). In the video he takes a few minutes to point out some stuff that will be obvious to anyone on this forum (except me). It’s a nice video and it caps what can only be called an adventure. Runs about 10 minutes but you can stop at any point.