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Thread: Flex line bleeder for !!A clutch slave cylinder?

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    Default Flex line bleeder for !!A clutch slave cylinder?

    Hi all,

    Has anyone ever rigged up some sort of clutch line extension (like the one found on the Series III slave cylinder) to make bleeding the clutch on a IIA easier? I was wondering if it's possible to use the Series III bleeder pipe, or one of the clutch flex hoses, to make an extension which can be fitted through the little access hole to the slave cylinder on the transmission tunnel cover. I always have a hard time bleeding my clutch; trying to get a wrench in the hole to loosen the screw, trying to keep a piece of rubber hose on the top of the bleed screw, etc. I thought maybe someone else had worked up a solution to this problem. I find that I need to bleed my clutch more often than you might think!

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    A simple solution is to cut an access hole in the transmission cover that is directly in front of the high low lever. Cut the hole about 2 1/2 inches by 3 3/4 high leaving enough space to screw on a cover plate. Mine is about 4 3/4 inches high by 3 1/4 inches wide.. I painted the new cover plate the same as the transmission bulkhead.

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