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Thread: Which is most valuable given the same condition? Help with pricing and sale-ability

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    Default Which is most valuable given the same condition? Help with pricing and sale-ability

    I fully understand that this is a very broad question....
    Kind of like asking how much a stone weighs

    But that said, if an 80, 88, 109 in series 1, 2, and 2A were all in the SAME condition, which would sell for the most?
    And which would sell quickest?

    Also, what would you guess a "good condition" "daily driver" would price out at if it was an 88 and if it was a 109?

    Yes, I know this is a broad question with lots of variables but I'm just trying to get an idea
    If you're interested in why I'm asking, I'm going to buy a Series Landy but will need to sell it in about 2 years as I will be moving overseas.
    I've had 5 International Harvester Scouts and I've always wanted a Land Rover.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    PS: Where's the best place online to find these? I'm guessing here but not sure if there are other places.

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    Not easy questions. Series I's are a niche market and if truly original often are hard to find parts for. IIA's are the best (in my opinion) due to the good parts availability and relative ease of working on them. Some people prefer 88's for the smaller size and for slightly more maneuverability. I prefer the 109's because the ride is a little better and they can haul more.

    You can buy and resell, but you're likely going to lose money on this deal. Just know that going in. Lately the market has been overrun with "fortune hunters" thinking all these old Rovers are worth a fortune and they just aren't (unless particularly rare examples or original condition, or have undergone a proper restoration). Beware the ones with good looking paint and nothing else. They abound. Do some searches on what to look for in a good Rover and then set your price limits on that and start looking.

    Good hunting
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    Good questions for what sounds like a first time Rover Consideration of Purchase. Good advice from 5th gear. BEWARE of Rovers with great paint and horrible chassis, get under the car and look around, visable signs or breakage and rust holes mean frame repair or replacement, Drive the car. Make sure it starts,stops, shifts, and all electrics work. As for records if the PO has any, and as with any used car purchase perform at least an engine compression test, look at the brakes, tires and other visable rust areas typically the posts and foot wells on a series, best of luck, hope this helps,

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