Hey All,

I live in Alberta, Canada and have owned an ex-MOD 1985 Series III, 109, 3Dr HT (a.k.a. Betty) for about 6 years now. Betty was originally a British military vehicle brought over for/by the British Army Training Unit Suffield here in southern Alberta. I have a fair bit of information about her military history as well as photo of her on duty as part of a helicopter logistics unit. I am her third non-military owner.

I have done a variety of work to her over the years but I am now contemplating doing a full restoration to bring her to pretty much stock (with a few improvements). However, before I fully commit to (or get too far along with) a full restore I want to see if can get a bit more out of the 2.25L engine. I find her a little short of top end speed (big surprise!) and would like to improve that a bit with an engine rebuild/upgrade (without out overly compromising low end peak torque) and an overdrive. So, expect to see a post about this soon.